Internet Radio Market

Internet Radio Market

0 Billion

Avg Radio Users

0 Hours

Total Listening Hours

0% population

has shifted to Internet Radio

Production Team

Production Team and Facility

We use top of the line radio broadcast facilities with an attentive team monitoring the broadcast 24x7.

Using state of the art equipment and a resourceful team with decades of experience in the radio industry, we create, curate and deliver world class content.

Art of Living Radio

Art of Living Radio

Art of Living Radio is projected to reach 2.3 million listeners across Social and Web Verticals and to consolidate an ever-expanding target audience of 450 Million across the globe.

49 Lakhs

Facebook Reach

6.23 Lakhs

Instagram Reach

10.6 Lakhs

Youtube Subscribers

42 Lakhs

Twitter Reach

Radio Gaga

Radio Gaga

With Bollywood content that is a class apart, Radio GaGa brings the true flavour of desi beats to NRI’s all around the world! With a target reach of millions of ears, Radio GaGa is the perfect platform to place and promote your brand.

32 Million

NRIs around the world

$40 Billion

Global Radio Revenue (2019)

$384 Million+

Forecast Revenue


Average Weekly Radio Reach

Advertising Options

Advertising Options


When a short message is used to describe and promote a product or a brand. It usually varies between 10-30 seconds.

Time Check

5-10 seconds pre-recorded audio about the advertising brand(s) that is played before and after the commercial ads during any program.

RJ Mentions

When the RJ talks about your brand while conducting the show, it helps to promote your brand. The RJ spends about 30-45 sec talking about your brand.

Show Sponsorship

It is a promotion form that involves attaching the name of the brand to any specific program or song.