RABC’s approach for private companies transforms the obligation of an audit into opportunity for your business. It focuses on risks and minimizes work on what is less relevant. Our audit approach is thorough without being intrusive, and is tailored to the needs of each organization we work with. To address your complexity and risk—and to be prepared for changes and challenges you may face in the future—you can benefit from professionals who have this diversity of experience.

Tax Services

It’s important to have a tax advisor that can turn the complex and technical into actionable business insights. RABC can harness big ideas needed to expand your business, tap new markets, and turn your unique complexity and risk into competitive advantages. RABC offers private companies a broad range of fully integrated tax services. We combine insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel.

Risk & Financial

Our advisory services help you manage strategic, financial, operational, technological, and regulatory risk to enhance enterprise value, while our experience in mergers and acquisitions, fraud, litigation, and restructuring helps you become stronger and more resilient.
Whether your company is launching a new product, embarking on a transaction, integrating new technology, or facing industry disruption, risk is ever-present. The upside? Risk presents companies with an opportunity not only to protect value, but also to implement value-creating strategies.